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3 things I hate about Italy

things that annoy me about living in Italy

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Vivere in Italia non è tutto rose e fiori come può sembrarti quando guardi le belle immagini su Instagram. In questo episodio svelerò tre cose che mi danno fastidio da quando vivo in Italia. 

Living in Italy it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as it may seem to you when you look at the beautiful pictures on Instagram. Everyday life is different from the life you do when you take a vacation in Italy. 


Three things that annoy me about living in Italy

The first thing is definitely the way Italians drive. Driving in Italy is not easy because you have to have your eyes everywhere, you never know what to expect from others behind the wheel, and the rules are not respected. 


The second thing that I really hate is the lack of civic sense when it comes to waste and use of plastic. 


The third thing is the job market. Compared to other European countries, the employment situation in Italy is in poor condition. The unemployment rate is 9%, and the youth unemployment is almost 30%, the second-highest rate in Europe. There is also a large gap between the northern and southern regions in terms of employment opportunities, and large differences in employment for women and men. For example, in my region, Puglia, female employment is the lowest in all of Italy. 

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