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About Me

Hi! I’m Agata, and I help all things Italian lovers to speak better and immerse themselves in the language and culture of Italy.

I come from Poland, but I’m based in Puglia, Italy. I know all struggles with speaking fluently and understanding spoken Italian, I’ve been there too.

When I first came to Italy, after two years of studying Italian in Poland, I couldn’t understand a lot, let alone speak. When I started a conversation with someone, they wanted to talk to me in English, even if they barely knew it. It was nice, but I wanted to practice my Italian…

Sounds familiar?

I’ve mastered my Italian while surrounding myself with sounds, accents, simply listening and connecting with the people. Now my mission is to make it possible for you.

I believe that you have to live a language, experience it, and not just study it at a desk. Learning Italian can be a life-changing experience, and it will make your life richer.

Italian Language Teacher
Are you ready for a new language experience?

What is learning like with me?

I’m friendly and easygoing. I simply love to work with people passionate about languages and all things Italian.

I’ve worked with many clients with different levels of abilities. I put all my patience into my work and explain things as many times as you need.

I’m also sure you need my help because you want to keep you motivated and prompted to work, so you need to know that I’ll push you to work consistently and track your progress

I’m a certificated Italian language teacher with many years of experience in working with students all over the world.

My teaching style focuses on speaking, and I use real-life materials in programs I offer.

Things I love Most ...

Good food and rosé wine always make me feel good 

Learning languages, listening to podcasts, reading books — that’s what I do in my free time

Meeting my favorite people, staying with my family, and strolling along the seaside make my life peaceful

Want to live Italian?

About me

I’m an Italian language teacher and an author of guides about Puglia where I live. I help you speak Italian confidently through my 1:1 programs and group speaking classes so you can get more from your travels to Italy and feel in Italy like at home. You can live Italian and experience the southern Italy life on my language retreats in Puglia.


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