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Are Italians superstitious?

italian superstitions

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Che sfortuna, un gatto nero mi ha attraversato la strada! Non aprire l’ombrello in casa, porta sfortuna. Non è che ci credo, però non si sa mai. Mi capita sentire queste frasi abbastanza spesso. Sai cosa sono? Sono le superstizioni e te ne voglio parlare in questo episodio.  

Are Italians superstitious?

Italians are a rather superstitious people, they have a lot of situations that bring bad luck, a lot of ways for how to stave off misfortune. So which ones bring bad luck?


Situations that bring bad luck in Italy


A black cat crossing the road brings bad luck. If you walk under a ladder, it is bad luck. If someone accidentally opens an umbrella at home, or breaks a mirror, it brings bad luck.


Superstitions at the table

When the oil falls on the ground or when the salt spills onto the table, it brings bad luck. But when the wine is spilled it brings good luck.


What brings good luck in Italy

The red horn, famous in Naples, is a good luck charm, but only when gifted. Touch iron to ward off bad luck. Finding a four-leaf clover means that you’ll have good luck.




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