The Italian Effect

How to practice speaking yourself? One efficient way

How to practice speaking Italian

I don’t have many opportunities to practice speaking in Italian – during the lessons there is no time to speak, I have to read, listen and do exercises.   My Italian friends speak too fast, I’m not able to follow their conversations.    I understand a lot while listening, but I don’t know how to […]

One thing you need to change if you you want to unblock your Italian

How to unblock your Italian

I’ve been studying Italian for a long time, I feel like I will never speak it without feeling awkward.   During the lessons with my teacher I speak fluently, but when I talk to natives I feel blocked.    I’m afraid of being judged by my errors, I prefer not speaking at all.    My […]

How to learn Italian without studying it at the desk

How to learn Italian easier

Learning a language seems like working hard and sacrificing hours and hours of your week? Or sitting at the desk and filling in grammar exercises? What if I told you that it’s not necessary like this? What if you could learn Italian without studying it at the desk? There are many ways of learning and […]

How to learn Italian when you don’t have time

How to learn Italian when you don't have time

Many experts say that you need to work hard and make huge steps in order to succeed in any field. Maybe in your childhood you were told that you will never have a university degree, a job, or a family if you don’t put enough effort into it. It’s scary to make another commitment in […]