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How to read your first book in Italian? Interview with Mary, my student

How to read your first book in Italian

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La puntata di oggi è l’intervista a Mary, una delle partecipanti dello Speaking Club, il mio corso di gruppo. All’inizio chiacchieriamo un po’ di come Mary impara l’italiano avendo poco tempo da dedicarci, e dopo racconta la sua esperienza di leggere il suo primo libro interamente in italiano.



This episode is an interview with Mary, one of the members of my group program, the Italian Speaking Club. Firstly, we chat about studying Italian when you have little time, and then Mary talks about her experience of reading books in Italian. She shares how to approach the process in order to avoid overwhelm and have fun reading a book.

Reading a book in Italian for the first time can be scary and challenging. Firstly, you need to choose a book that you’re going to read. It’s important to decide one according not only to your level of the language, but also according to your interests. Reading a book that bores you is a very bad experience, even in the language you know very well. The second step is being persistent with reading. You can stick to reading a few pages at once and just enjoy the process.

Remember that you don’t need to check up every word that’s new to you. Try to understand from the context, or sometimes just skip the words that’ not relevant to you. By checking all the new words, you lose the pleasure of reading and that leads you to quit reading in Italian.


How to choose a book to read?

You should pick a book that interests you in some way, you could also read a book that you read in your mother tongue, or choose a book for children for the first try. With time reading in Italian will get easier and you’ll be able to read more complex books.




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