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Italian Speaking Lab

1:1 speaking program online for ambitious beginners

and stuck intermediate learners

You’ve been studying Italian for a while. 

You’re studying with apps, but they are far away from real-life situations. 

Maybe you’re attending a language school but there isn’t enough time to practice speaking. 

You finally go to Italy and want to talk with the locals. Then you find out you’re not able to say a word.

Why do they speak so fast? Why can’t I find the words? Why do I feel blocked and shy?  

That kind of a reality check can be uncomfortable, I’ve been there.

Italian is not my mother tongue, so I had to create a system to make my speaking better. When I first went to Italy, after two years of studying Italian in Poland, I wasn’t able to understand a lot, let alone speak. When I was starting a conversation with someone, they wanted to speak to me in English. 

I realized that I should have practiced my speaking skills before I went to Italy rather than focus on sophisticated grammar questions. I mastered my Italian actively – listening, connecting to people, and practicing a lot of speaking. 

It’s possible for you, too. I can help you practice your speaking more effectively.

Italian Speaking Lab is a learning program that will teach you how to speak spontaneously so you can communicate with Italians during your travels, or if you want to move to Italy, for a while, or permanently


After the program you'll:


be able to find the right words

No more eeehh, yymm. You’ll learn how to create various kinds of speech like short stories, dialog, resume and review




No more spending hours on grammar exercises that don’t teach you how to use grammar in speaking and as a result you’re not able to say a word during a conversation


create a habit to speak italian daily

Italian will become a part of your life. You’ll have a habit to practice Italian not only once a week during your lesson with a tutor


gain confidence in speaking

Within a lot of focused practicing you’ll become more confident in a quick time


sound like an italian

You’ll learn spoken language and improve your accent

A teacher of the Italian language at the computer

How does it work

  • every week you get 2 video or audio speaking prompts from me – a question about a topic and a task based on an article or a video
  • you record 2 audios or videos as a response and send them to me 
  • you receive my feedback and corrections


In Premium version you get also:

  •  2 live sessions with me
  • extra exercises focused on your main challenges

My Clients Say...

I'm keen on Italian culture, cuisine and landscape but I didn't know any words or phrases in Italian. Learning languages doesn't come naturally to me. Thanks to Agata's lessons I'm able to understand recipes in Italian or lyrics of songs. I am sure that when I travel to Italy next time, I'll be able not to use English during shopping, check-in or finding my way
Olga Galińska
At first I was skeptical about this form of learning, but now I know that it has given me better and faster results in learning Italian. Before I met Agata, I'd been studying Italian for 3 years and got stuck at the intermediate level. I lost motivation because I couldn't see the results of my work. Now recording and speaking on the phone in Italian has become my habit and a daily pleasure. I no longer have longer gaps between my lessons when something comes up or when the teacher cancels a meeting. This way of learning has also taught me to be independent and to believe that I know a lot and that I can learn a lot on my own. I won't go back to standard lessons anymore because this program gives me everything I need.
Maja Wojtysiak


Why is it more effective than standard lessons?


Practice from anywhere, frequently and focused

How many times have you rescheduled or cancelled your lesson? It won’t happen again! You can practice when you’re on holiday, late at night, or super early. The timing is completely up to you and you don’t have to schedule anything. I will be gently prompting you to take action and be consistent with practicing Italian.

This arrangement also prevents long breaks in your language education caused by all the canceling and other daily issues. You will no longer feel like you’re starting from scratch every time.


It's not only speaking

When you record yourself you need to find words before, make up the sentences, train pronunciation. If you have already a base in the Italian language, you need to put things together, and practice, practice and practice! 


create a habit

You work by yourself and with tiny daily commitments so you learn better and you create a habit to speak Italian daily.


149/ /4 weeks

  • 2 video or audio prompts weekly
  • a personalized feedback
  • chat support


249/ /4 weeks

  • 2 video or audio prompts
  • a personalized feedback
  • extra exercises focused on your challenges
  • 2-40 minute live session with me monthly
  • chat support

Is it for beginners?

No, you need to be able to create short discourses. You benefit more if you’re intermediate (if you’ve been learning Italian for at least 2 years). If you’re not sure about your level, we can discuss it during the orientation call you can book with no obligation.

Can I work with you after those 4 weeks?

Of course, you can go on with the program as long as you need. Basically, it takes 3 month to see results. 

Will I be able to speak better after the program?

Yes, you do all the work yourself so you can see the results even before the end of the course. My clients who took the course improved their speaking skills, and they speak with more confidence now – see testimonials.

What type of topics to discuss do you propose?

I choose topics regarding you personally like life, work, your interests. We also cover the Italian culture so you can easily fit into the Italian lifestyle.

Need more information?

Contact me

If you have any questions about the program or wonder if it’s for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

You can use the contact form or e-mail me at

About me

I’m an Italian language teacher and an author of guides about Puglia where I live. I help you speak Italian confidently through my 1:1 programs and group speaking classes so you can get more from your travels to Italy and feel in Italy like at home. You can live Italian and experience the southern Italy life on my language retreats in Puglia.


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