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How to return to study Italian after the summer

how to return to study Italian after summer break

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È arrivato settembre, per la maggior parte di noi, le vacanze sono finite e cominciamo a riprendere la nostra routine. Forse ti sei fatta una pausa dall’italiano questa estate, oppure hai reso lo studio più leggero, e adesso vorresti ricominciare a studiare l’italiano in modo costante. Se ti stai chiedendo come ripartire con il piede giusto, questo episodio fa per te!




How to start studying again after a break? First of all, start gradually. Often, overcome by the desire to start again, we take on too many commitments. Start slowly, with a few activities that you enjoy, and then gradually add more.


Before you start putting into practice what I just talked about, do one thing: review your week, see when you have the time and space to learn Italian and then plan your study sessions. Put them on your calendar, there’s a greater chance you’ll start studying.


Set goals and track progress

Then, think about your goals, ask yourself why you want to study Italian, how you will do it and what you want to achieve. Setting goals is important because they show us the way, tell us whether we are doing well or not, and allow us to track progress. Without them, the journey of learning Italian would be a bit like walking in the dark, not knowing where to go.


Another useful thing is to track your progress. This helps you understand how close you are to your goal, but above all it shows you if something you do for your Italian really works. Tracking your progress can also help you maintain motivation and consistency.


Another piece of advice I want to give you is to find a new course, new materials, new possibilities for learning Italian. Often when motivation wanes, the easiest thing to do is to find something that inspires us, that makes us want to study again and that gives us new stimuli.


Listen to the podcast to go deeper in those points I talk about above.



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