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What is Italian aperitivo?

Typical Apulian aperitivo

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In questo episodio ti invito a un aperitivo virtuale. Parlerò della cultura dell’aperitivo, della sua storia, dell’aperitivo pugliese e alla fine conoscerai anche alcune parole legate all’aperitivo

The Italian aperitivo 


Having an aperitivo is nowadays a part of city lifestyle in Italy. The aperitivo is always a good idea for a meeting with friends, or a business meeting. This ritual is also enjoyed by tourists, who after a long day of visiting, they chill while sipping this cool drink.


Short history of aperitivo


The aperitivo at its origins was an alcoholic drink which was drunk before dinner, and which was supposed to increase appetite and facilitate the digestion. The drink is born in 1786 in Turin, when Antonio Benedetto Carpano begins to produce a wine

spiced and flavored, vermouth. This rite soon spread throughout Italy. Today, in the different regions of Italy, they prevail different drinks.


Typical Apulian aperitivo 

The cheeses and cured meats that accompany the aperitivo pugliese are mozzarella, burrata, e Martina Franca capocollo. When it comes to baked and fried products, the most liked are focaccia, pittule – small round pieces of yeast dough fried in oil, and friselle – dry bread topped with tomatoes and oregano. 




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