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What is Lecce known for

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Nel primo episodio del podcast ti porto in un giro per la mia città sul tacco d’Italia che si chiama Lecce. Faremo un giro per i vicoli del centro storico, ci fermeremo per conoscere le pietanze locali e visiteremo i posti principali della città. Allora che ne dici di fare una passeggiata al centro storico insieme a me?


Where Lecce is situated? 


Lecce is one of the main cities of the Puglia region, which is located in the south-east of Italy, on the so-called heel of Italy. It is a place rich in traditions, known for simple but exquisite cuisine, and full of old buildings kissed by the sun. It is a place to enjoy while wandering through the narrow streets, absorbing the scents and tasting the local specialties.


Places to visit in Lecce


Piazza Sant’Oronzo is a main square of the city with a Roman amphitheater of the 1st or 2nd century AD. It’s a meeting point of its inhabitants, and the heart of the city, with many shops and cafés. The square and the streets of the historical center are also full of craft shops such as ceramics, Lecce stone, fabrics, and leather goods. There are a lot of restaurants with outdoor tables that create the atmosphere of the city. 


What Lecce is known for


Pietra leccese is a unique stone dug in the zone of Lecce. This limestone is yellow, very resistant to weather and easy to work with. All the historical buildings of Lecce are made with ‘pietra leccese’. 

When you’re in Lecce you need to try a pasticciotto and a rustico. Pasticciotto is a sweet pie with a pastry cream as its filling. Rustico is a snack made with puff pastry and usually filled with a combination of béchamel sauce, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. 




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