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What pacco da giù is

pacco da giù is a package filled with homemade dishes and local products

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Cos’è questo benedetto pacco da giù e cos’ha di speciale? Non so se hai mai sentito parlare del pacco da giù, se no, devi conoscerlo. Lo dico sorridendo perché è un tema divertente e leggero quindi adesso ti invito a qualche minuto di pausa dalla tua routine quotidiana e a divertirti ascoltando questa puntata.

What the pacco da giù is

The pacco da giù is a package filled with food, mostly homemade dishes, local products and small household items, shipped by families from the South Italy to the students or workers that live in the North of Italy. 


What importance it has

 The pacco da giù is a manifestation of love and care for those who left their houses in search of work and better life. It’s a reminder of homeland for students and workers living far from their birthplace. 


What does it contains

The pacco da giù  from is full of homemade goodies: boccacci with grandma’s sauce, various legumes, vegetables in oil, jams, and so on. Sometimes it also contains the fresh products that must be consumed immediately such as cheeses, fresh pasta, meat, sweets, fruit and vegetables.



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